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Kwan Yin and The Plant Man

November 13, 2017

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Prayer at the Hour of Eclipse

August 21, 2017

As dark moon shadows the sun,

may shadows of our hearts be reflected

so we can own our mistakes,

admit our misdeeds,

apologize for abuses

ask forgiveness where we need


As we collectively gaze skyward,

may we not be blinded

by the eclipse

May our third eye open

to clarity of vision

So when we return our gaze

to each other

we see the light of ourselves

in one another

and together begin to manifest

our new vision


As moon unites with sun, let’s acknowledge

we are one

so that we banish hate and ignorance,

thereby vanish self-hatred, self-denial,

so qualities of empathy and compassion

will be valued for survival

while fists and guns and nuclear options

will have disappeared from our list of options


As moon glides by the sun

May human bigotry be eclipsed

May human indignity be eclipsed

May human hate groups be eclipsed

May selfish leaders be eclipsed

May small-mindedness be eclipsed

May lies and deceitfulness be eclipsed

May all violence be eclipsed


So that by the time the new moon

has completely kissed the sun

the fullest of loving kindness will emerge

in transformative brilliance


--Diana Tigerlily, 2017

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