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Kwan Yin and The Plant Man

November 13, 2017

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Self Re-Evaluation for Collective (R)Evolution

November 11, 2016

At first glance a bed of flowers,

always seen by some and never seen by all,

seems to exist solely for human delight

to brighten landscapes and lifepaths of passersby.


But the human who stops at the bed of flowers

not merely to look but to truly see

beyond the treat of eye candy

will see a whole world

teeming with movement and life:


hundreds of honeybees feasting on pineapple sage

nosediving into the nectar of red throated blossoms

warmed by the sun. Tawny-edged skipper moths

and pollen-dusted bumblebees hover and tiptoe and cradle

and savor the centers of golden cosmos.

Monarchs and swallowtails dine in zinnia zest,

multicolored palettes feeding multifaceted palates

with life-sustaining kisses.


And I’ve named only five

varieties of things with wings, and only three

varieties of plants with petals. This is what my untrained eye can see

by merely stopping to see. There’s so much more activity

happening in this bed of flowers,

it’s easy to miss entire worlds, entire systems of life

if we fail to attend, to show up, be present.


I remind myself everyday there is more than meets the eye,

I want to count myself among the evolving,

so I need to practice really seeing,

starting with my inner self as I stand amidst the flowers,

open my heart mind and hold space, 

honor the messages I hear from all living beings,

because there are many intelligences

and so many ways of knowing


And those who invest in the belief that

only humans and not even all humans

know best, who believe humans,

and not even all humans,

are superior to nature,

who believe that life is designed for humans

to manipulate or exploit

for self pleasure and profit

need to drop their egos into the narcissists’ abyss,

that pit of human hyperbole and ignorance,


and join me so we can open

our hearts to our higher selves,

face down our demons, fears, our shadow selves,

open our eyes to third eye clarity

open our crowns to divine community

share in kindness, sincere compassion,

not just in words but in conscious actions

that uphold the principles

of the rainbow colored web,

you know, the interconnectedness of all living things,

all colors, all loves, all kinds,

all soils, all waters and nations,

all rocks, all roots and trees,

the webbed, the finned, the footed and winged,

all of our relations.


Let’s all engage in self re-evaluation

Let’s prepare ground for collective (r)evolution

Let’s learn from the bed of flowers

how to “team” with life.


--Diana Tigerlily


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